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Joe Knous, RA


Registered Architect

Graduate from University of Florida

Joe is a Registered Architect and founder of studio1+.  His work experience covers a wide spectrum of designs in both commercial and residential projects.


I love the challenge of a new project, one that differs from the others.  When a clients says to me, "do you have experience in...", I hold my breath with anticipation that it might be something that I've never done before. I believe that in order to be a great architect, you should be well rounded, plus if you do the same thing over and over, what we do loses its luster. I was once asked if I could do a Tiger enclosure.  I said, "Of course I can do it," though I never done one before.  But with the proper research and building relationships with the right people, you educate yourself and you learn how to properly design the project to the required codes.  

Architecture is more than just lines on a sheet of paper.  You have to be a good communicator, listener, visionary, illustrator, and thinker.  You have to be able to put a building together in your head that someone else is going to build.  I get great enjoyment sitting down with clients and walking through every aspect of their project, drawing out their ideas, and making it a reality.  

The name of the company, studio1+, holds a lot of meaning.  Joe did not want to start a company with his name in it because a company is more than just the founder.  Joe truly believes that when a company grows, it is the competence and character of the team that makes up the fabric of a company.  The 1 represents that the company started with one person, but the + sign represents the future growth of the team because in the end its not just one person, a company is a whole team.

Joe is a native to Florida and attended the University of Florida where he received his Bachelor of Design in 2008 as well as a Master’s degree of Architecture in 2010.  He is an adrenaline junkie and enjoys trying new things.  Future adventures include power paragliding and learning to kiteboard.

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